So many of start our weight goals journey with great enthusiasm but somewhere along the way our enthusiasm diminishes and we give in to temptation. Unfortunately, this does us no good in the long term as even the weight we had lost comes back. The trick to getting to weight loss motivation is to have doable body goals.

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Take a look at these tips to reach your weight goals:

Set Realistic Weight Goals

One of the main reasons why so many of us fail to lose weight is because we set goals that are unrealistic for our body type or for our lifestyle. Trying to look 20 lbs a week while holding a full time job may be unrealistic. Setting more realistic goals and trying to lose weight more gradually may take you longer to reach your weight goals but it is a more effective way of getting there.

Set Smaller Weight Goals

If you want to lose a total of 80 pounds, don’t set that as your goal. Knowing that you have such a large goal ahead of you can be overwhelming. Instead break that large number up into smaller mini-goals, say 10 pounds at a time. That seems so much more doable and you will have a sense of achievement as you cross each milestone. First determine what is a healthy weight for y our height and then divide that into smaller targets.

Little Things Count Too

Many of us have such packed schedules, we find it impossible to fit an hour of exercise or going to the gym into our days. If you find yourself in that situation, don’t give up completely. Instead consider small activities that you can fit into your day to help you burn those extra calories needed to lose weight. Giving up those French fries and grabbing a bowl of salad for lunch is an easy way to start. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk around when talking on the phone. These are just small things but they will add up in the end.

Get Support If You Need It

It’s so easy to fall off the weight loss wagon when you are on this journey alone. If you feel that you need some weight loss motivation you should consider joining an online weight loss group that encourages each other. Also, posting before and after pictures onto your social networking sites and receiving praise and encouragement for others can be great motivation for weight loss.

Following these tips to reach your weight goal will help make the journey so much easier and less overwhelming for you