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We grasp that on-the-job injuries are expensive, time-consuming, and often times irritating. When visiting the emergency room, companies do not always receive the information or the results needed to properly handle their injured employee or workers compensation claim. Additionally, the care is often rushed and incomplete, resulting in further injury and more time off work.

At Trinity Medical Group, our focus is to maximize the balance between the workers’ compensation guidelines, employer needs, and overall patient health and recovery. Our management solutions provide innovative ways to help reduce the cost of worker’s compensation injuries and improve return-to-work rates.

Our health care professionals are focused on the health and recovery of your employees and will take the time to explain the proper diagnosis and necessary treatment for the incurred injury. Additionally, our staff will contact the employer representative to thoroughly explain each injury and the proposed health-related services for the employee’s treatment for recovery.

Our on-site partner urgent care facility keeps waiting times short to meet the unexpected mishaps of on-the-job injuries and works in unison with our primary care facility to manage care and on-going testing to deliver a restored employee back to work.

From examinations to drug screen collections, we are ready to meet your human resource needs, as they relate to workers’ compensation.

We invite you to contact us today to further explore a dedicated relationship with regard to worker’s compensation.