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Health and wellness are not just about a one-off diet or a sudden spurt of exercising—it’s a way of living. When adopting a wellness program, you are committing to long-term adherence to some basic nutrition and wellness steps. It takes a great deal of perseverance and commitment to turn any kind of healthy behavior into a lifelong habit and so it is with general health and wellness. Trinity Medical Group has physicians who can provide you with guidance and tips about healthy living and how to achieve it.

The road to overall general health and wellness begins with preventative care. As a provider of Family Medicine, Trinity Medical Group can help you maintain your health.


Routine physical exams and screenings help physicians properly track their patient’s health. They are preventive and also help in detecting any existing medical problems, drastically increasing the chance of adjusting diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle to prevent medical problems from cropping up. At your annual physical examination, all vital signs will be checked and basic tests will be taken. These may include height and weight measurements, testing of hearing, vision, blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure. More advanced screening include HDL, LDL, and triglyceride readings, cancer screening, and bone density scans. If problem areas are visible during your physical exam, your physician can recommend treatment at that time or upon further testing.

It is important to keep an annual schedule for physical exams, though if suffering unusual symptoms, it is recommended to make an appointment for an off-schedule exam as well.


The need for vaccinations is never outgrown. Specific immunizations needed as an adult are determined by factors such as age, lifestyle, high-risk conditions, and type/locations of travel. To find out which immunizations you should be receiving, speak with your Trinity Medical Group physician.


Smoking leads to a host of health problems, including chronic conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Quitting smoking is partly physiological and partly social/psychological. Trinity Medical Group’s Smoking Cessation Program goes far beyond prescribing patches and pills. In addition to offering pharmacotherapy, we also provide structured accountability and counseling to transform the patient’s identity, and personalized problem-solving for the patient’s history and current situation. We help the patient develop a timeline for quitting and keep in regular contact to encourage the patient to keep his/her own resolutions. To help ease the transition through the quitting process, we provide in-depth education on the addictive and withdrawal process, the potential dangers of continuing to smoke, and the benefits of quitting.