Getting the flu every year is no fun. It can set you back, whether you are in school or working and forced you to cancel all the fun things you had planned. Flu symptoms can be tiring and recovering takes time and energy. The best thing you can do to avoid getting into this tiring cycle is to take proper precautions during the flu season.

Getting the flu can set you back in all areas of life. Why take any chances. Make an appointment with Trinity Medical Group and get a flu shot before the flu season begins.

Here are a free proven tips to avoid the flu:

Get The Flu Shot

Getting the flu vaccine every year is so very important and yet a lot of people overlook this very important preventive measure. A flu vaccine offers strong protection against the flu to all people from age two upwards. The CDC recommends that this is the number one thing that everybody should do to protect yourself from the symptoms of flu.  The best time to get the flu shot is before the season starts.

Wash Your Hands Often

Soap and water give you the best protection against the influenza virus. Always wash your hands after you touch anything in a public place and especially after shaking hands with someone who is sick. When washing your hands, scrub well between your fingers and under the nails too.

Do Not Get To Close To Someone Who Has The Flu

The flu virus can get transmitted to you very easily if someone who has the flu sneezes or coughs while you are close to them. The germs get transmitted through the little droplets of saliva.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Good nutrition, daily exercise and a good night’s sleep are the three most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Many studies that have been done indicate that those who lead a healthy lifestyle tend to have higher immunity and are better able to resist viral infections such as influenza.

To boost your resistance against the flu, eat plenty of fruits, especially those high in Vitamin C, drink plenty of water, take vitamin or mineral supplements if your levels are too low and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Do Not Share Drinks Or Food With Anybody

When you share food or drinks with anybody and if they have the flu, the germs will get transferred to you through the shared saliva. You may not know that they have the flu as they may not be symptomatic yet so the best thing to do is to avoid sharing altogether.