Choosing the right primary care provider is an important decision and one that you want to get right. Your health is of upmost importance, and selecting a responsible care provider who will manage your health is crucial for your long-term well-being. Having someone with whom you feel confident, and who makes you feel comfortable when you voice your concerns, will make you more empowered to come forward with questions and look after your health. A good primary care provider acts as a central hub for your queries and can offer advice, treatment, and reassurance. At Trinity Medical Group we go the extra mile for our patients. So what should you consider when you select a provider?

Your Insurance Plan

One of the first things you should do is take a look at which primary care providers your insurance plan recommends. If they are “in-network,” then this means the insurance company will have negotiated discounted rates with the providers, so it may be cheaper for you to visit certain providers in your area. Choosing a provider that is in-network means that if you need any emergency treatment or have a pressing health issue, you will not be faced with out-of-network costs. “Out of network” means the provider is not compatible with your insurance plan.

Visit Potential Providers

A great way to learn more about providers near you is to visit them before you make a decision. Meeting primary care providers and discussing your health needs with them allows you to assess whether you can see yourself building a positive relationship with them and whether you feel comfortable with them. Discussing your health issues requires trust and confidentiality, and face-to-face meetings are a good way of seeing if a provider is friendly, professional, and accommodating. If it takes a long time to secure an appointment, you might be better off elsewhere!

Research and Reviews

Although some information on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt, by doing some extensive research you can build up a picture of the physicians and primary care providers as a whole. You can search for physicians individually and see what networks they are a part of. Look for reviews, evaluations, and board certifications. You can also get in touch with potential providers and ask to see data that they collect, which gives an idea of their results. Personal referrals are also useful, so asking local people or friends if they have positive experiences is worthwhile.


Choosing a primary care provider who has a proven track record of delivering quality care is essential. Thankfully, there are safeguards in place and ways of distinguishing between care providers, and if you look to see if a provider is part of the Primary Care Medical Home, you’ll be able to view which accreditations and certifications a physician or practice has and other measures of quality.

Location and Access

It’s important that you choose a primary care provider that is local to you and within a radius that means you can access them easily if you need emergency advice or treatment. It could be a primary care provider that is equally close to where you work, too. You also need to research the opening hours of your provider, if physicians see patients in the evenings and weekends, and if they can schedule home visits. Some physicians will consult over the phone and over email as well, so there are other ways of being accessible.

Here at Trinity Medical Group, we are a professional and caring primary care provider, and we want you to make the most informed decision possible. If you have any questions or are seeking further advice, contact us at (863) 299-2636 and we’ll be happy to help.