Ask anyone about their lifestyle priorities, and improving their well-being will be a popular answer. Being free of illness and in good health can have a positive impact on other parts of a person’s life. At Trinity Medical Group, we wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, and we are committed to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle and handle health issues that do arise. We believe that an important part of being healthy and maintaining well-being is engaging with preventive care, which is something that we can provide to our patients. We take into account your age, gender, and health status and recommend preventive services that are applicable to you. Take a look at our simple preventive care checklist, and reach out to us with any questions about your health.


Preventive care is about supplying you with knowledge, skills, and the tools to help implement healthy practices into your daily life. Improving your well-being is about taking steps to lay down a plan that you can continue throughout your lifetime. It’s about creating a way of living that is appropriate for you and your needs and can help to address potential health issues you might be susceptible to. Trinity Medical Group can supply you with basic nutrition and a wellness checklist. Together, we can come up with a program that puts you in the best position possible for living a healthy life.

We also have a Weight Management scheme, where we work with you and recommend behavior modification, dietary changes, and daily exercise, so that you can address weight concerns. By working with physicians and nutritionists, you’ll be in the best, safest, and most informed position for losing weight. We’ll give you the boost you need.


At Trinity Medical Care, a key part of our preventive care checklist involves physical exams and screenings. This means that our team of physicians can look at your list, track your progress, and highlight any concerns about your health and well-being. It’s also about finding and treating disease as soon as possible. We’ll be able to put together a picture of your overall health with the results from your examinations and screenings. This puts us in an informed position where we can tell you whether nutritional tips and general wellness steps are working for your body or suggest new methods. For example, we will measure your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood glucose, hearing, vision, height, and weight, which are all important markers that can highlight potential conditions in the future. We can also pinpoint existing health conditions and provide you with a treatment plan.


Another key part of the preventive care checklist is about protecting yourself from health issues that can challenge your future well-being. Making sure that you keep up to date with any essential immunizations that you require is an important part of this. Our team will ensure that you are covered and will take the necessary steps to immunize you with vaccinations that you should be receiving. We’ll take into account your age, lifestyle, existing conditions and travel requirements to make sure that you are safe and protected.

Well Women Visits

Another aspect of our preventive care checklist is dedicated especially to wellness for women. We’ll take into account your health, as well as issues that disproportionately affect women. We will supply you with shots, standard screenings, knowledge, and counseling to help tackle women-centered health issues. We provide a safe, accommodating environment for you to discuss sensitive issues such as birth control and reproductive issues.

If you’re interested in learning more about our preventive care checklist and want to know which services are available to you, then get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll provide you with advice and guidance so you can feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.