Hormone replacement therapy for men is often overlooked because it is generally something that we associate with women. However, men also can experience hormonal imbalances, so it is important to be aware of treatments that are available to them.

Combat Andropause

In the same way that women go through menopause, it is possible for men to experience andropause, a gradual drop in testosterone. Although the effects and symptoms of andropause may not initially be apparent, over time it can often become quite disruptive and lead to serious diseases such as Diabetes.

Rebalance Testosterone

Testosterone is vital because it impacts the function of several organs and is responsible for helping to maintain a variety of things including muscle mass, energy levels and metabolism. If a male has decreased levels of testosterone, it is likely that he will experience distressing symptoms such as tiredness, irritability, depression, memory and hair loss.
Levels of testosterone in men begin to drop after their twenties and the decline is sometimes more prevalent in certain individuals. However, hormone replacement therapy for men can be used to treat andropause by restoring and rebalancing the physiological levels of testosterone.

About Pellet Therapy

Although hormone replacement therapy for men can be offered in many forms, a popular method is pellet therapy which involves a pellet consisting of biomedical hormones being inserted under the skin. One of the main advantages of pellet therapy is that it slowly releases hormone as the body would naturally do and therefore patients are more likely to respond and experience better results. It works by providing the body with the hormones that it needs to function but is no longer producing. Testosterone is often disregarded and not perceived as being significant, however is imperative for a male’s existence. Visit our website for more information on the different therapies that we offer and how they can help you.