Hormone replacement pellet therapy is truly the best kept secret in health care. But where did they come from? Are they safe? Read on to learn more about the history of hormone replacement pellet therapy and how it can benefit both men and women.


As we age, the body naturally begins to produce less and less of certain hormones. It’s the reduction of these hormones that cause troublesome symptoms such as trouble sleeping, decreased sex drive, mood swings, weight gain, etc. But it wasn’t until 1935 in Europe that the idea of administering reduced hormones back into the bloodstream via plant-based pellets was introduced in health care clinics. After about 4 years of European patients benefiting from hormone replacement pellet therapy, the procedure was brought to the United States by Dr. R. B. Greenblatt in 1939.

Since the early 1940s, numerous medical studies have been conducted to prove that this form of hormone replacement therapy is safe and effective. A 1948 study published in The Lancet, for example, proved that menopausal women who received pellet therapy experienced significant symptom relief while equally menopausal women receiving a placebo experienced very little to none at all.

Although other methods for hormone replacement exist, many argue that they are more dangerous. Doctors from Web MD, for example, mention several types of hormone therapies including estrogen pills, patches, topical creams, and even suppositories. All of which have their pros and cons. Although each of  the above therapies are able to reduce symptoms, they each have a price. Side effects of the above therapies include higher risk of blood clots, stroke, breast cancer, heart attack, vaginal discharge, headache, nausea and so on.

Recent light on the above dangers from standard forms of hormone replacement has made pellet therapy more of a highly sought after therapeutic choice. This is because the pellets are derived from all-natural soybeans. Thus, they do not contain potentially harmful ingredients. Because they are naturally derived, they are deemed the safest form of hormone replacement therapy currently available– as well as the most effective. Each pellet is individualized to the patient’s hormone replacement needs. In other words, the pellets have hormone levels accounting for the differences of every patient’s biology. To illustrate, a big and tall adult male is not going to need the same hormone replacement therapy levels as a petite woman.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy for Women

Women typically start hormone replacement pellet therapy when they enter menopause, but there are other women that begin treatment when they stop producing balanced hormone levels for other reasons. Symptoms of hormone imbalance in women include reduced energy, difficulty staying focused, weight gain and interruption of the menstrual cycle. The female body needs certain levels of estrogen and testosterone to function properly. Because of this, each woman receiving pellet therapy will have a different combination of these hormones.

Once the pellets begin delivering the correct balance of hormones to a woman’s system, she will typically start feeling more energetic and emotionally stable. The symptoms of hormonal imbalance that brought her to the therapy should start to disappear as balance is achieved. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance will come back once the pellets are completely absorbed into the body, so routine treatments are necessary.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy for Men

Hormone replacement therapy is most often advertised to women, but men need to supplement testosterone levels as they grow older as well. The male body produces less hormones with age leading to fatigue, reduced sexual desire and weight gain. Some men also struggle to control their emotions and may sink into depression if their testosterone levels get too low.

Men over the age of 30 may start to notice some of these symptoms, but hormone replacement is often not needed until they are over the age of 40. Once the pellets start releasing testosterone into a man’s bloodstream, he should immediately start feeling more energetic and focused. He’ll also find it easier to lose weight, build muscle and have more control over his mood swings.


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