Diabetes Facts That Everyone Should Know

With an increasing consumption of processed foods along with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, it’s not surprising that type 2 diabetes has become rampant in the developed world today. Knowing a few diabetes facts can help to be better informed about the early and late stage diabetes symptoms as well as what can be done to lower our high blood sugar levels.

Fact 1 – Diabetes is a serious disease

Far too many people ignore the symptoms of diabetes because they mistakenly underestimate how serious these symptoms can get and how they can be affected. The fact is diabetes kills more people every year than the combined deaths caused by AIDS and breast cancer.

Fact 2 – Eating too much sugary foods is not the primary cause of diabetes

Sugar is just one of the many factors that cause diabetes. Other factors that are just as important include lifestyle, being overweight and genetic predisposition. While we cannot control genetics, all of these factors can be controlled in order to prevent diabetes or at least keep it under control.

Fact 3 – If you have ‘A touch of diabetes’ that’s not so bad

There’s no such thing as a touch of diabetes. Once your blood sugar level goes above a certain limit, it is called pre diabetes. Being pre-diabetic puts you at higher risk of getting diabetes if you do not take certain preventive measures. It can also lead to all of the complications associated with diabetes.

Fact 4 – Diabetic neuropathy is a very serious condition associated with diabetes

When your blood sugar level is very high, it can damage the nerve fibers in the whole body. In diabetic neuropathy the nerve fibers in the legs and feet are damaged. In very serious cases, the leg may have to be amputated to prevent the spread of gangrene to the other parts of the body.

Fact 5 – Maintaining a careful diet and exercise regime can help control diabetes

A healthy lifestyle plays a very important role in keeping blood sugar levels at a healthy level. This involves eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains while reducing the amount of sugars, carbohydrates and processed foods. Most of us tend to eat more processed foods than we realize. Maintaining a food diary will help you make better food choices in order to keep diabetes at bay. When a healthy diet is combined with some kind of physical activity, the results are absolutely astonishing.

Diabetes is killer disease. The sooner you recognize the symptoms and start treatment the better your chances of keeping this disease under control. Call Trinity Medical Group today to get your blood sugar levels checked so that you can start taking the necessary measures right away.