Art has been proven to help alleviate stress, with many people regularly using it as a means of escapism in their everyday lives. However, for those people that do not possess the artistic ability to paint and draw, adult coloring books are making it possible to reap the same benefits of stress relief.

For years, children have been given coloring books to keep them occupied in public places, whether at a busy restaurant or on a long plane journey. This activity keeps them occupied and entertained for hours. But it is no longer solely for children. Adult coloring books have taken the world by storm due to their powerful stress relief qualities.

How Do They Work?

The intricacies of patterns almost switch off your brain by forcing your mind to concentrate on the present moment. By exerting all of your energy into the act of coloring, it subdues all of your feelings and coherently causes you to feel calmer. Coloring is likened to activities such as meditation and yoga, and is an excellent and more attainable way of achieving mindfulness in one’s daily life.

Coloring helps to clear the mind and creates space for you to feel calm. The activity itself is soothing and therapeutic and therefore is often recommended to people who suffer from anxiety or require stress relief. This also overlaps with color psychology and the way in which colors represent and reflect different energies. It allows you to create something tangible, and your chosen colors reflect your stress, concerns, and emotions in that moment.

You can keep a coloring book tucked away in your desk drawer for those more stressful days, or color during your commute to work. It is also a great activity to do together with your child, and this alongside the help of your physician can help to keep you calm and healthier for longer.

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