Sandy Collins, APRN

Sandy Collins, APRN, is a Family Nurse Practitioner currently seeing patients in our Lakeland, FL location. Sandy works hard to ensure every patient is treated with care for a better health care experience. In her own words, the goal is, “to provide quality care to every patient that I get the chance to see.” An advocate for the importance of patient-doctor communication, Sandy believes active listening plays a large role on not just the patient’s side, but also on the provider’s side as well. “Listening to the patient is the best way to find out how to provide the best care for their individual case.”

Originally from Plant City, Sandy graduated from the University of South Florida with her Master’s degree in nursing and decided to stay in the area to serve the residents of Polk County. Close friends know that she loves mornings with a good book and a cup of coffee. Her favorite ice cream is Rocky Road and she loves being surrounded by family and friends at the beach. Her favorite holiday is Christmas and she has a passion for travel (with Alaska at the top of her bucket list). Her first job was as a Publix cashier and she is absolutely terrified of frogs.

As the patients of Trinity Medical Group know well, we believe every patient deserves care as unique as they are. To make this happen, the physicians and staff at Trinity Medical Group go to great lengths to help patients feel their best and get the most out of their primary care for their unique needs and personalities. Because of this, Sandy is excited to be a part of Trinity Medical Group. “Everyone does their job with a smile on their face and you can tell they (the staff) all genuinely care about the patients.” To be treated by Sandy is to know her, and that is a course of action her current patients recommend. Sandy’s dedication to her patients and her compassionate and upbeat personality are welcome additions to the Trinity team. Call or click to schedule an appointment with Sandy.